Members of The Board


Ms. WAI Siu Kee, Chairman of the Company who joined the Group since its establishment in 1976. She is also the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Lee & Man Handbags Holding Limited (Stock Code: 1488).  Ms. Wai has rich experience in the manufacturing industry. She is responsible for the development of corporate strategies, corporate planning and overall management of the Group and in particular the marketing and development of the business of the Group. Ms. Wai is the honorary permanent president of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation.  Ms. Wai is the mother of Mr. Lee Man Yan, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Office of the Group.

Mr. LEE Man Yan, the member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee of Jiangxi and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. He joined the Group in 2000.  Mr. Lee is in charge of the corporate and strategic planning of the business segment, and is responsible for the procurement, staff recruitment, public relations in the PRC and management operations of the chemical business. He graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada with a bachelor's degree in commerce. Mr. Lee was awarded Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong 2013 and Young Entrepreneur Award 2013.  He is appointed as member of Court of the Hong Kong Baptist University and Committee Member of Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council.  Mr. Lee is a son of Ms. Wai Siu Kee, the Group's Chairman.

Professor CHAN Albert Sun Chi, JP, an Executive Director and Chief Strategist of the Group.  He joined the Group in 2016.  He is a world-renowned organic chemist, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and President Emeritus of Hong Kong Baptist University.  He is responsible for the planning of the Group’s overall business and long term strategies, formulating new product development directions, leading the Group's research and development team for enhancement of scientific research technology, commercialising its research results and introducing new products into the market. 

Professor Chan received his bachelor degree from International Christian University in Japan in 1975 and his MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Chicago respectively in 1976 and 1979.  Upon graduation from the University of Chicago, he started an industrial career at the Monsanto Corporate Research Laboratories where he had worked for 13 years, rising through the ranks of Senior Research Chemist, Research Specialist, Senior Research Specialist and finally Monsanto Fellow.  Since joining the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1994, Professor Chan had served as Chair Professor and head of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles, and Vice President (Research Development).  He was the 4th President and Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010 - 2015. 

Professor Chan’s research areas include the application of chiral catalysts in asymmetric syntheses and their industrial applications, development of pharmaceutical products and related processes, pharmaceutical and nutritional products based on Chinese medicines, new organic chemical process and their industrial applications, research and industrial applications of green sciences, novel material discovery and development, etc. Elected as Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001, Professor Chan has received numerous prestigious awards including the National Natural Science Award of China (second class), Japan Society of Synthetic Chemistry Lectureship Award, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Invitation Fellowship, and was appointed as Justice of Peace by the Hong Kong Government of Special Administrative Region. 

Mr. YANG Zuo Ning, an Executive Director and Deputy Managing Director of the Group. He joined the Group in 2006. He is a national acclaimed senior engineer and has well experienced in chlor-alkali industries. He is responsible for the production supervision, corporate strategic planning and general management of Jiangsu Lee & Man Chemical Ltd and Jiangxi Lee & Man Chemical Ltd. 


Mr. WONG Kai Tung, Tony, an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Group. He has been a practicing lawyer in Hong Kong since 1968 and has also been admitted as Mr. WONG a solicitor in England and Wales. He is currently a consultant at Messrs. Hastings & Co., Solicitors and Notaries.

Mr. WAN Chi Keung, Aaron BBS JP, an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Group. He holds a Master Degree in Business Administration of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master Degree in Buddhist studies of the University of Hong Kong, also an associate of the Institution of Business Agents, a member of the Land Institute (London), an associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a fellow of The Institute of Administrative Accounting and a fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.  He is engaged in the business of property and chattel valuation and auction and possessed many years of related experience.  Mr. Wan serves as an independent non-executive director in CNC Holdings Limited (Stock Code : 8356).

Mr. HENG Victor Ja Wei, an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Group. He is a partner of Morison Heng, Certified Public Accountants. He holds a master of science degree of the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, the University of London. He is a member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and member of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  Mr. Heng serves as an independent non-executive director in China Fire Safety Enterprise Group Limited (Stock Code: 0445), Matrix Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1005), Lee & Man Handbags Holding Limited (Stock Code: 1488).  He also serves as the company secretary and authorized representative of China Life Insurance Company Limited (Stock Code: 2628).


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