Audit Committee

The Audit Committee was established in 2001 and its current members include:

Mr. Heng Victor Ja Wei (Chairman)

Mr. Wong Kai Tung, Tony

Mr. Wan Chi Keung, Aaron BBS JP 

The Board considers that each Audit Committee member has broad commercial experience and there is a suitable mix of expertise in accounting, business and legal on the Audit Committee. The composition and members of the Audit Committee complies with the requirements under Rule 3.21 of the Listing Rules. The terms of reference which describe the authority and duties of the Audit Committee were adopted to conform to the provisions of the CG Code. The Audit Committee's specific terms of reference are posted on the websites of the Company and HKEx.

The Audit Committee meets regularly to review the Group’s financial reporting and other information to shareholders, the system of internal controls, risk management and the effectiveness and objectiveness of the audit process. The Audit Committee also provides an important link between the Board and the Company’s auditors in matters coming within the scope of its terms of reference and keeps under review the independence and objectivity of the auditors.


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